SPORT Coaches & Enrichment Teachers

Ms. Christine – “Give-7” Enrichment Lead Teacher/Summer Camp Lead/Signature SPORT Class Coach

Hi! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit, if I haven’t met you in person. My name is Christine Cotardo and I lead both the LittleSPORT enrichment program and summer camp (as well as teach SPORT Classes!). I can ensure you that your children will be in caring, mindful, observant, and creative hands while at LittleSPORT.

I have been coaching and teaching for over 14 years. I’ve specialized in preschool age classes such as early readers, math, phonics, Spanish, nutrition, physical education, and yoga; in short, teaching has become my passion. I am grateful to continue to pursue a career that I love.

I spent my most formative years growing up in the hills of San Francisco and the mountains of Salt Lake City.  I moved across the country and on October 4, 2013, I was blessed with my first child, Luca (followed 2 years later by adorable Aria!). I had the joy of taking Luca to his first LittleSPORT “Jumpers” class and we loved it! He socialized with other toddlers, practiced his sign language, learned about moving over, on top of, around obstacles, and more. Needless to say he took an amazing two-hour nap after our BIG LittleSPORT fun! Ha ha!

Though originally developed by our founder, Coach Jen, I strive to add my own creative, innovative, and knowledge-bolstering twists to our daily activities and curriculum in the “Give-7” program. I have structured our Enrichment classroom to be a high-functioning early childhood learning space that acts as a framework to encourage growth in all aspects of your child’s ‘school’ life. I am always open to ideas and input that any of our staff or parents may have in any facets of the program — from what you have experienced in the past to what you are looking for in the future.

Once again, I am thrilled to be a part of the LittleSPORT Family, it truly is a special place that I love.

Coach Trish – Signature SPORT Class Coach/LittleSPORT Owner

Hi, I’m Trish Davis and my husband Jay and I are the new owners of LittleSPORT in Maple Shade! I also LOVE to teach classes and interact with the little ones, so you’ll see me around the center quite a bit!

Jay and I fell in love with LittleSPORT as customers and parents of 2 little ones, and when we found out they were looking for new ownership, we jumped at the chance. Or, actually, maybe our girls talked us into it – not really sure! 🙂

In any case, it’s been a fun ride so far, and we’re working hard to make LittleSPORT a super fun, safe, and exciting place for your little ones (and you, too!).

Hope to see you in one of my classes!

Coach Megan – “Give-7” Enrichment Asst. Teacher/Summer Camp/Front Desk/Signature SPORT Class Coach

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m so excited to be working in the enrichment program and summer camp! I love assisting in the enrichment classroom and look forward to helping Ms. Christine this summer and beyond. You might know me already as one of our SPORT Class coaches and PJ Play coach. Or you might have met me at the front desk as one of our party coordinators.

I started at LittleSPORT as a customer, bringing my 2 toddler boys (Ethan and Nolan) to enrichment, camp, and classes. Then, as a stay-at-home mom, I jumped at the opportunity to start working as a Class Coach. Before kids, I was a retail store manager, but my passion has always been teaching. I graduated from Rutgers University in 2005 with my BA and majored in Psychology and Childhood Studies. After graduating, I started as a teacher’s assistant working with preschool children with special needs. I have always loved teaching and am so excited to be working in a classroom again.

Hope to see you soon!


Coach Emily – Signature SPORT Class Coach/Party Coach/Front Desk

Hi, I’m Coach Emily and I’m a Mom of 2 awesome kids here in Maple Shade. I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2011 with a degree in American History. I have worked with children in a number of settings since I was 13 including babysitting, daycare, and hands-on classroom teaching. I have over a decade of experience working specifically with children with special needs.

You will see me at LittleSPORT behind the desk, teaching classes, or at St. Andrew’s Nursery School running our off-site KidFit program. I love being able to teach children different developmental skills, sports, and, of course, team work. I love watching children grow from babies into independent big kids through our classes.

I look forward to seeing you and your little ones around LittleSPORT!

Coach Jen – LittleSPORT Founder/Signature SPORT Class Coach

For me, the main thing is that I truly believe in what we’re trying to accomplish at LittleSPORT. I feel that if we keep with the main rule – our Golden Rule work philosophy, where we do things by considering what we want for our own children and friends – we should do well. With our classes, it is our goal that not only do the children have fun, but every child that leaves our program knows how to “Give 7” (firm, 5-finger 2-eyed handshake!) and understands the meaning of teamwork. With our Arena play, we work to offer an environment that both the children and parents can enjoy together. With our parties, we work to take the stress off parents and provide a great experience for all who attend. Finally, being thankful for the opportunity to work without leaving my children, I plan to continue to use LittleSPORT as a way to promote what I truly believe: Life is better with sports and PLAY.

Read my full story of how LittleSPORT came to be on our Mission & History page.


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