Privacy Policy


Thank you for visiting the LittleSPORT website. This page details general privacy policies implemented by us for the use of personally identifiable information (PII) provided to us by customers and prospective customers. Information about customers, prospective customers, and website users may be gathered from this website, our 3rd-party payment processor, in our center in Maple Shade, via phone conversations, via email communications, via paper sign-up forms, or other formal and informal channels.

Web Visitor Information

Our web services and analytics platform (currently provided by Google) automatically collects basic information about each user that visits our site ( This information can be broken down as follows:

  • Domain host (your internet provider)
  • Browser software / operating system of your device
  • IP address from which you are browsing
  • Internet address of the site that provided the link you clicked to get here (if any)
  • Date and time info
  • Mobile or desktop browsing
  • Which internet ads of ours you may have clicked to arrive at our site (email we sent you, search ad you clicked, banner ad you may have clicked, etc.)

Additionally, our analytics adds a “cookie” to your browser that identifies your device and browser combination should you return to our site in the future.

If you choose to purchase products or services on our website, we collect additional payment and personally identifiable information. That information is collected via our payment processing system that powers both our website and our in-store credit card payments. That system is run and maintained by MindBody (

Payment Information You Provide to Us Via MindBody

If you purchase from LittleSPORT, online or in-store, your payment information (name, address, credit card #, etc.) is collected, stored, and maintained by our payment processor, MindBody. MindBody is a PCI-compliant, publically-traded technology organization with deep competence in data security and payment processing. As well, they specialize in supporting health and fitness small business clients, like LittleSPORT. All information transmitted to and from MindBody is done so via Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL), the industry standard for payment and PII data transfer.

LittleSPORT, therefore, does not store your electronic data locally in our center (or with our internet service provider), but rather we access data on an as-needed basis via our MindBody online interface. Importantly, once payment details are collected via credit card swipe or online interface, that information is no longer accessible to LittleSPORT employees, vendors (except MindBody), or any entity that may access our electronic system, whether in the course of normal business or unlawfully.

Personal Information You Provide About Your Family

At LittleSPORT we value family above all else. So, under no circumstances will we share personally identifiable information about you, your children, or any member of your family with ANY entity outside of our organization with the exception of what we share about you (the payment provider) with our payment processing vendor. As well, should we be required, we would share information, as needed, with local, state, or federal law enforcement organizations.

As an organization that provides services for families and children, you should be aware that we do collect and maintain basic information about you, your children, and any other members of your family that you submit to us. That information/data is aggregated in our customer system, MindBody, (by family) and stored indefinitely. We attempt to store all information about products purchased, visits to our center, inquiries, enrollment information, family members, birth dates, names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and the relationships between individuals.

Personal Information About Children

As noted above, in the course of enrolling and serving parents and children in multiple programs at LittleSPORT, we need to collect PII about children. This information generally consists of names, dates of birth, sibling and parent relationships, history within LittleSPORT, log information about illnesses/behavior/injuries, but may also include additional ad hoc information such as insurance information, school information, health conditions, and so forth, as necessary to serve a population of children and conduct business effectively.

Preservation of privacy and the integrity of all information about the children we welcome into our center (or serve off-site) is a high priority for us. And to reiterate previous statements regarding PII in general, we will never share information about the children we serve at LittleSPORT unless required by law or medical emergency.

The website, however, is intended to be used only by parents and not by children. Any information submitted on this website must be submitted by users over the age of 18.

Your Consent

By continuing to access this website (, you agree to accept the privacy terms as stated on this page.


We may update this policy from time to time without notice.