Our Play Coaches Go Mobile! LittleSPORT Comes to YOU!

At LittleSPORT, our goal is to help children develop their own unique passion for fitness and health. Through learning and activity, we try to create a foundation for healthy living that can last a lifetime.

KidFIT is our premier on-the-go fitness program! LittleSPORT Coaches will come to your school and lead the children through a fun, energizing fitness program that teaches sportsmanship and teamwork, while introducing various sports skills and encouraging active play.

KidFIT is fully customizable to suit your school’s needs, and can be a one-time fitness assembly, or an on-going program to enhance your physical fitness curriculum.

Call to learn more about how LittleSPORT can bring a “gym class” to your learning or daycare center and the additional benefits we can offer your families.

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LittleSPORT is the perfect venue for your school or group’s next fundraiser! We will designate an evening to be your PRIVATE Family Fun Night and your organization will earn 30% of the proceeds from the evening’s sales. Our team will work with you to create flyers and help plan and market your event. And each of your guests will receive a free pass to come back and play again!

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Class Trips

Afternoons only.

LittleSPORT-hosted Class Trips are sure to entertain and energize your students! Class trips to our center are typically two hours long and include open play time in Astro’s Arena — our fun-filled play area that offers a Jumparoo, soft block play area, horse swings, preschool-sized climbing wall, and multiple sport skill activities.

Our Play Coaches will keep your students moving with Track Time — a high-energy stretching and physical fitness routine around the Alphabet Track in our Arena. Your trip will be topped off with a visit to our Training Room for an obstacle course, parachute play, and other structured activities suited to your age group.

Trips also include time in our classroom for a snack, which you may choose to bring or purchase here. And each child receives a pass to come back and play for FREE!

Cost per child: $11 (bring your own snack) or $13 (we provide juice box or water bottle and snack choice of goldfish, pretzels, or string cheese)

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Mom’s Groups

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like a little support from a group that knows exactly what you’re going through. And LittleSPORT is a great place for your Mom’s Group to hangout, chat, and let the little ones PLAY — while you and your friends enjoy a discount on services!

A group is considered at least 5 families and must call ahead to receive a discount and schedule play dates.

Open Play Discount – We can offer your group 50% discount on Open Play 3pm-5pm, Mon.-Fri. (Sept. – May – summer hours vary). You may also reserve time in our classroom if your group would like to bring a snack.

Sport Class Discount – Playgroups are also eligible for a 15% discount on class signup when at least 3 of the families from your group register together.

Birthday Bash Discount – Members of your group will also receive a Birthday Bash discount of $25 on a Gold Medal Bash or $15 on an All-Star Bash!

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KidFIT Program

Let the LittleSPORT experience come to your daycare, school, or pre-K! Our coaches will lead your children through a fun, energizing fitness program — on your schedule.

Mom’s Groups, FUNdraisers & Class Trips

Take a “Phys. Ed. Field Trip” to LittleSPORT! We’ll create a special day for your daycare or school group — bring your kids to LittleSPORT for guided activities, play, and lots of FUN!

A Family Fun Night FUNdraiser at LittleSPORT offers a wonderful evening of fun for your group’s children, and helps you reach your organization’s financial goals.

Mom’s Groups get a few special benefits, too!