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Update June 30th:
LittleSPORT has closed permanently and will not reopen. 

June 30th

To Our Dear Customers, Friends, and Team: 

When we purchased LittleSPORT in 2015, we knew the task to revive and grow the business would be monumental in nature. But we embraced the adventure and have enjoyed every minute (well, most minutes) on our 5+ year journey.

Along the way, we have met some of the best people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We’ve enjoyed getting to know our customers and their children through conversation and personal interaction. We have had the great opportunity to celebrate countless birthdays with so many little ones over the years. And we have loved watching your children grow.

Most importantly, we have felt honored that you chose us to play with, care for, and teach your children. We hope that you all know that when your child walked through our door, we treated them as if they were our own. They, and you, were a part of our family, as are our loyal team of Coaches and Instructors who are simply the best.  Without our fabulous cast of characters, our customers and our team, LittleSPORT could not have succeeded in the manner it did.

All of this is what makes this next sentence incredibly hard to write. Unfortunately, LittleSPORT will not be able to open its doors again.  We are making this difficult decision to ensure the financial stability of ourselves and our children.

As you know, the Covid-19 Pandemic abruptly derailed the entire economy and LittleSPORT is a victim of these times. We have worked behind the scenes to find a viable path forward financially, but to no avail. We had hoped to receive some desperately needed concessions from our landlord that would have helped us muddle through, but unfortunately that did not happen.

Recently, we received an offer from another local child-focused business to sublease the space and potentially permanently take over the lease.  It is bittersweet for us as we hate to see the wonderful ideals that LittleSPORT was built on disappear from the community, but this offer alleviates a large financial burden on our family.

It has been our sincerest pleasure to serve the parents and children who made LittleSPORT such a happy and vibrant gathering place. We will miss you all very, very much.

With love and gratitude,
Trish Davis


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