Birthday Bashes

Whether It’s Their 1st or 6th, We’ll Make Your LittleONE’s Birthday Super FUN!

Whether “All-Star” or “Gold Medal,” our kid’s birthday parties are the best! Parties feature open play time and high-energy activities guided by our Play Coaches in Astro’s Arena. Gold Medal Bashes also feature an obstacle course, parachute games, bubble time, and lots of dancing in our Training Room.

LittleSPORT will set up, entertain, serve, and clean up after all your guests so you have time to enjoy your birthday party with your guest of honor!

LittleSPORT Coronavirus Status:
LittleSPORT is closed and will not be reopening.

“Gold Medal” Bashes offer private use of our facility!

Helium Shortage

Due to the ongoing national helium shortage, we can no longer provide each child with a balloon favor at the conclusion of a party as we have in the past.

We will continue to have balloons as part of the party decor, as long as helium supplies remain steady. We will resume offering balloons to guests as favors once helium availability returns to normal.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


SAVE on Friday Night Gold Medal Bash!

If the schedule works for you, you’ll save big by having your Gold Medal Birthday Party at 5pm on Friday nights! Same super-fun schedule of events for our popular private party option, at a very budget-friendly price.
Special Offer – Friday night parties: $350
Save $75!

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Birthday Bash FAQ

:: Birthday Policies ::

Friday night parties not available on PJ Play nights. This promotional discount may not be combined with other promos or discounts.

Pick Your Birthday Party Package – “All-Star” or “Gold Medal”
Both Options Include:

  • Celebration in Puck’s Private Party Room
    • Set-up & clean up – we do all the serving!
    • Paper Products (plates, forks, napkins for kids)
  • Personal Party Coaches to lead activities
  • A birthday ride in the LittleSPORT golf cart!
  • “FREE Trial Class Pass” for each child to come check out a SPORT Class at a later date
  • A LittleSPORT t-shirt for the guest of honor
  • Unlimited Access to Astro’s Play Arena for daily play:
    • FREE the month of your Gold Medal Bash
    • FREE the week of your All-Star Bash

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Birthday Bash FAQ

:: Birthday Policies ::

Special Note Regarding Food:

Birthday party hosts may bring food (nut-free) into LittleSPORT for your event, however, we do not permit customer-scheduled food deliveries. All food deliveries must be scheduled by LittleSPORT staff only, and only with our approved food vendor.

Party Availability

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  • 9am, 10am – Semi-private All-Star Bashes Only
  • 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm – Private Gold Medal Bashes Only


  • 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm – Private Gold Medal Bashes Only

Mon. – Fri. Afternoons:

  • Semi-private All-Star Bashes Only – Call for Availability
  • Reduced weekday rates!

Fri. Evening:

  • 5pm – Private Gold Medal Bashes – Special Offer – Save $75

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Birthday Bash FAQ

120 E. Kings Highway
Maple Shade, NJ 08052
(next to Iron Hill Brewery)

(856) 234-6445

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Bash Pricing

All-Star Bash
(Non-private – 1 hour 30 min)

Service for 12 kids (add’l $12/ea.)
Max. 15 kids

Gold Medal Bash
(Private – 2 hours!)

Service for 20 kids (add’l $12/ea.)

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Birthday Bash FAQ

Give the gift of LittleSPORT!
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Compare Our Party Options! ——————————–

All-Star Bash – Semi-private (1 hour 30min.) Gold Medal Bash – Private use of our facility (2 hours)
$250 Includes service for 12 children (15 max.), each additional: $12
(Mon.-Fri. Afternoon Discount Price: $200 – Call for availability)
$425 Includes service for 20 children, each additional: $12
Deposit Due at Booking $75 (non-refundable)       :: Birthday Policies :: Deposit Due at Booking $175 (non-refundable)      :: Birthday Policies ::
Play Time in Astro’s Arena
Shared play arena – Open Play customers may be in the Arena and can view activities
Play Time in Astro’s Arena
Private organized track-time and exclusive use of our entire facility
Puck’s Private Party Room:

  • We serve your food & cake
  • Guest of Honor golf cart ride
Puck’s Private Party Room:

  • We serve your food & cake
  • Guest of Honor golf cart ride

And – Toot’s Training Room:

  • Play Coaches lead activities
  • Music, dancing, games, balloons, and FUN!
Free LittleSPORT T-shirt for the guest of honor
Free Open Play during the week of your party
Free Trial Class Pass for all children
Free LittleSPORT T-shirt for the guest of honor
Free Open Play during the month of your party
Free Trial Class Pass for all children
Saturday Mornings: 9am, 10am
(Ask about discounted weekday availability)
Friday Evening: 5pm – Friday Special: $350 (Save $75!)
Saturday Afternoons: 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm
Sunday: 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm
Free Postcard invitations and electronic invitations you can email to your guests Free Postcard invitations and electronic invitations you can email to your guests

Food and Additional Services:

  • Make Your Party *Deluxe*!
    • Get 3 plain pizzas, juice boxes for all the kids, and a FREE Play Pass for all kids to come back and play any time! – $60
  • Pizza :::
    • 16″ plain pizza – $13 +tax
    • 16″ 1 topping – $15 +tax
  • Beverages :::
    • Juice boxes or small water bottles – $9 for included child guests ($1 ea. additional child)
  • Extra Party Time :::
    • ½ hour – $80 (final parties of the day only or schedule permitting)
  • Additional Child Guests :::
    • Children up to 12 years – $12
    • Crawlers – $6
  • Fun Stuff!
    • Balloon Drop – $45
    • Face Painter or Balloon Animals – Pricing varies

Food and Additional Services are not eligible for discounting when applying special offers (unless otherwise indicated).

:: Click for Payment & Refund Policies ::

Important Information:

  • You may bring your own themed party supplies, however, no discount or credit will be applied if you choose not to use our invitations, paper products, etc.
  • Please, no confetti or glitter!
  • We will call you the week of the party to review final details. We will confirm headcount, first names of child guests, and your food/favor options.
  • Remember – socks for everyone! To ensure safety and cleanliness, LittleSPORT is a shoeless facility for both children and adults.
  • LittleSPORT is a nut-free facility! Food items you bring must not contain nuts of any kind.
  • Birthday deposits are non-refundable 
  • Special Note Regarding Food: Birthday party hosts may bring food (nut-free) into LittleSPORT for your event, however, we do not permit customer-scheduled food deliveries. All food deliveries must be scheduled by LittleSPORT staff only, and only with our approved food vendor.:: Birthday Policies ::

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Birthday Bash FAQ

How many children an adults can I have at a party?

Gold Medal Bashes include service for 20 children and unlimited adults. Each additional child over the included number will incur a $12 charge per child. Although you will have private use of our facility, we strongly recommend that your headcount for children not exceed 35, due to the limited size of our party room.

All-Star Bashes include service for 12 children and 15 adults. Since All-Star Bashes occur while we are open to the public for other programs, these parties have a hard limit of 15 children and 20 adults. Additional child guests above the included number will incur a $12 charge per child.

What is the typical schedule of events at a LittleSPORT Bash?

Gold Medal Bashes are now 2 hours long, and begin with 30 minutes of Open Play in our arena as guests arrive. Our Play Coaches then engage the children in play activities and Track Time. Then it’s off to our Training Room for active games, music, obstacle course fun, dancing, parachute time for the guest of honor, balloons, and bubbles. Next, we’ll lead your group into our Party Room where the guest of honor will get a special golf cart entrance and you and your guests will eat and have cake. Of course, we’ll serve and clean up!

All-Star Bashes are 1 hour and 30 minutes. Play Coaches will lead Track Time in our Arena, in addition to Open Play time, but All-Star Bashes do not include activities in our Training Room.

What decorations does LittleSPORT provide?

As we need accommodate a range of ages and tastes, we keep our decorations fairly simple. We will cover food and cake tables with bright red table cloths, put up a sign with the birthday child’s name, and inflate helium balloons around the party room. Our plates and napkins are plain white.

You are welcome to bring your own themed decorations. You can simply hand them off to our play coaches who will set them up while you enjoy your party. Please, no confetti, however.

What if I have fewer guests than the included number?

All-Star and Gold Medal Parties each include a specific number of child guests in the base price of the party (see # of guests included elsewhere on this page). You may have more than the included number attend your party, but there will be a charged per child for each above the included number.

There will not, however, be a refund or discount if the number of child guests is less than the included number in the base price of the party. See birthday policies here.

Does LittleSPORT provide party favors?

No, however, each child does receive a balloon and a Free Trial Class Pass to try out our SPORTBaby or SPORTKid Classes (call to schedule free trial). The birthday child also receives a free LittleSPORT t-shirt! You may also upgrade to a Free Arena Play Pass for each guest for $3/child (to be used at a future date).

Does LittleSPORT provide a cake?

We do a lot of things, but cake isn’t one of them 🙂 Bring whatever sort of cake, food, or dessert you like on the day of your party.

What does "semi-private" mean when describing an All-Star Bash?

Semi-private refers to activity in the play arena. There may be other LittleSPORT customers and children in the arena while your party is playing, or possibly guests from an earlier party that hasn’t cleared our facility yet. However, you will have private use of our party room to eat and have cake.

How does it work with food, cake, and drinks at a LittleSPORT Birthday Bash?

We can order pizzas for you from a local pizzeria to be delivered hot right before your party sits down to eat and provide juice boxes and/or bottled water, if you choose (prices above). Other food items such as cake, cupcakes, snacks, sandwiches, etc. would need to be brought to the center by you. We will store, serve, and clean up all food items afterward.

Birthday party hosts may bring food into LittleSPORT, however, we do not permit customer-scheduled food deliveries. If food delivery is desired, food must be ordered by LittleSPORT through our preferred food provider.

Do I get a Pass to come back and play for free with a Birthday Bash?

Yes! When you hold a Gold Medal Bash (private party), your child can come in any time during the month of his or her birthday party during our Open Play hours and play for FREE. When you hold an All-Star Bash (semi-private), your child can come in and play for free during Open Play for the week of his or her party.

Can I customize the activities and schedule of my party?

To a large extent, yes. Gold Medal Bashes are easier to customize since they include private use of our facility. You can add an extra half hour of party time (if our schedule permits), face painter, magician, balloon drop, themed decorative elements, and you can always bring your own specialized food items. Items you source through us (including extra party time) would involve an extra charge, however. Ask an associate for pricing and details for extra items.

What ages are included in the head count?

Crawlers who are going to participate and will have seat at the table set for them are counted. Infants and those remaining in carriers and such are not included in the head count. Children age 12 and older, who will not be participating in children’s group activities, are not included in the head count and considered adults.

What is the maximum age of children allowed in the facility?

LittleSPORT activities cater to children 6 months – 6 years. If you have children 6 – 11 years old attending they will be included in the headcount. We ask that you closely monitor older children to ensure the safety of the younger guests. Play Coaches will be stationed throughout LittleSPORT during your event, but we reserve the right to ask older or rougher children to leave the Play Arena.

Do you have additional seating?

Our party room will be setup to accommodate the children attending. There are benches and folding chairs available for adults.

What is the policy for deposits, rescheduling, and refunds?

Birthday deposits and other pre-payments are non-refundable. Birthday deposits may be transferred to an alternative date, providing the schedule allows. If the request to change the party date is within two weeks of the originally scheduled event, there will be a $100 change fee. If the date change is due to weather conditions that may render it unsafe to hold the event, the change fee will be waived. Click here to see detailed Payment and Refund Policies.

Birthday Add-ons (extra time, extra guests, food, face painters, magicians, balloon drops, etc.) are NOT eligible for discounts or promotions, unless otherwise stated in the text of the promotion.

If an emergency or other unforeseeable event causes a complete cancelation of the scheduled birthday party, we may allow transfer of the full deposit amount to an alternative LittleSPORT program, as scheduling or enrollment permits.

What is the policy for gratuities?

While gratuities are greatly appreciated by our junior staff, tipping is at your discretion. You will find a tip basket on the front desk.

If you would like to add a tip when paying by credit card, let the desk coordinator know as your final payment is being rung up.

Reservations are no longer being taken.