Terms, Payment, and Refund Policies

Terms, Payment, and Refund Policies

Birthday Parties:

Birthday deposits and other pre-payments made before the day of the event are non-refundable. Birthday deposits may be transferred to an alternate date, providing the schedule allows, however, if the request to change the party date is within one week of the originally scheduled event, there will be a $25 change fee incurred. If the date change is due to weather conditions that may render it unsafe to hold the event, the change fee will be waived. If an emergency, weather, or other unforeseeable event causes a complete cancelation of the scheduled birthday party, we may allow transfer of the full deposit amount to an alternative LittleSPORT program, as scheduling and enrollment permit.

Birthday Add-ons (extra time, extra guests, food, face painters, magicians, balloon drops, etc.) are NOT eligible for discounts or promotions, unless otherwise stated in the text of the promotion.


Weekly Signature Sport Classes:

Missed Classes –
No refunds will be given for missed classes, regardless of the reason for the absence. If a similar class schedule and enrollment allows, a missed class may be made-up – except in cases of inclement weather (see weather policy). Permitted make-up classes must be scheduled with the front desk prior to attendance, and make-up classes MUST be completed in the same session (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall).

Withdrawals –
In cases of withdrawal, LittleSPORT will charge a $50 cancelation fee. The remaining prorated balance, as determined by the number of classes remaining in the session at the time 0f withdrawal, will be refunded.

“Give 7” Enrichment Program:

Missed Classes –
No refunds will be given for missed classes. If class schedules and enrollment figures allow, make-up classes will be permitted, at LittleSport’s discretion – except in cases of inclement weather (see weather policy). Make-up classes must first be scheduled with the front desk.

Withdrawal –
4 weeks written notice is required to cancel an Enrichment Program enrollment. ALL enrichment program payments are non-refundable.

Arena Membership:

Paid-in-Full Memberships –
All Arena Membership payments are non-refundable and non-transferable – regardless of visit history, relocation, or any other issue.

Month-to-Month Memberships –
Monthly Memberships require that a valid credit card be kept on file in the LittleSPORT system, which will be charged the designated fee each month. Should the monthly automated charge fail, you will receive an email notification with a link to return to our website and edit your payment details. Payment details may also be adjusted by calling or stopping into our center. If an automated payment fails and is not remediated by the customer, Membership will be terminated. All monthly payments made toward Membership are non-refundable. Members may cancel at any time — there is no minimum Membership time requirement — however, no refunds will be given for any previous monthly charges, regardless of customer visit history or any other issues. Notice of cancellation must be received by LittleSPORT no later than 5 days prior to the scheduled payment date. If notice of cancellation is received 5 days or fewer prior to a scheduled payment, the scheduled payment will be due and the membership will continue for an additional month. Cancelation requests cannot be made on our website. Cancelations may be made via phone or in-person.

LittleSPORT reserves the right to end or cancel any individual membership at its sole discretion.

LittleSPORT reserves the right to alter or discontinue any type of membership product or service at any time without notice.

Summer Camp:

Cancellation –
No refunds will be given for cancelled or missed sessions. Sessions must be cancelled by May 31st in order to receive LittleSPORT credit toward other programs.

Missed Sessions –
LittleSPORT will allow up to 3 make-up sessions missed due to illness. Make-up sessions are subject to availability and enrollment figures and must first be approved by the front desk. If enrollment does not allow make-up sessions due to capacity, make-up sessions will not be allowed. No refunds will be given for missed sessions for any reason.

Coupons, Promotions, and Discount Offers:

Unless otherwise noted, ALL of the restrictions below apply to all LittleSPORT coupons:

  • coupons are one-time use per family ONLY
  • if applicable, expiration dates will be enforced
  • if stated on the coupon, coupon must be presented at time of purchase
  • coupons and discounts may not be combined with each other – only one may be used at the time of purchase

The exception to the combining offers restriction is the 10% off discount that will be applied to select programs (birthday parties, PJ Play and Drop N Play) when a customer has an active Membership. This discount may be combined with promotional discounts on applicable LittleSPORT programs.

Closures & Inclement Weather Policy:

In cases where LittleSPORT must close or restrict hours of operation due to weather, unpredictable events, or acts of God, and due to the unfeasibility of rescheduling large enrollments, make-up classes will not be scheduled and refunds/account credits will not be issued for either the Give-7 Pre-K Program or Weekly Signature Sport Classes.

For birthday parties, if an emergency or other unforeseeable event causes a complete cancelation of a scheduled party, we may allow transfer of the deposit amount to an alternate party date, or LittleSPORT program, as scheduling or enrollment permits.

Food Policy

LittleSPORT allows guests to bring their own food products to be eaten in our center in designated areas or at designated times. WE REQUEST THAT ALL FOOD PRODUCTS BROUGHT INTO OUR CENTER BE NUT-FREE. We will do our best to enforce this policy as it might relate to all of our programs.

However, we cannot guarantee that LittleSPORT is a nut-free environment. Please plan accordingly.

Your Consent

By continuing to access this website (www.littlesport.net), or purchasing from LittleSPORT online, via phone, or in-store, you agree to accept the terms as stated on this page.

Additional Terms

This webpage does not contain the entirety of terms you may be subject to, or agree to, when you engage with a LittleSPORT program. You may be presented with additional terms related but not limited to: payment, enrollment, makeup sessions, event scheduling, and so on. These additional terms may contain restrictions or requirements not mentioned here and may be in the form of signed or printed registration packets. If other terms are presented to you, those terms in combination with the content of this webpage describe your full agreement with LittleSPORT.


We may update this set of policies from time to time without notice.